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I noticed something weird: my moods are deeply affected by the weather, but not the usual way. In the last few days my anxiety has been out of control, nearly impossible to live with, and the sun was shining. Today, however, I'm feeling awesome, even if I was caught in the middle of a storm and came home dripping wet.
I don't really understand how it works, to be honest. I have always preferred winter to any other season and I suffer from allergies that make spring a real pain, but I don't think those are the real reasons behind this thing.
Maybe it's the fact that, around three years ago, May/June have been the worst months ever, and now that I am trying to work on that, I'm getting triggered by, well, the fact that now it is May? IDK, my mind isn't very clear at the moment...

Anyone had a similar experience?
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My day today was enhanced by a multi-hour anxiety attack which happened to coincide with a bout of pollen-induced spluttering and wheezing.

When I got back to my computer, on a whim I Googled pollen anxiety.

And much to my surprise, this popped up:

Changes in Severity of Allergy and Anxiety Symptoms Are Positively Correlated in Patients with Recurrent Mood Disorders Who Are Exposed to Seasonal Peaks of Aeroallergens

In other words, if you have depression or bipolar as well as anxiety (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one here who falls into this category), then tree-pollen may be associated with spikes in your anxiety levels.

Anyway, I have no idea if this explains today's anxiety attack, but I thought I'd share the info in case it's of interest.


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