Date: 2011-07-08 03:11 pm (UTC)
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This is something that has come up a bit in my Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group. I made a list, which is at home right now, but when I get home from work I can look at it and see if there's anything like what you're asking about.

The one I do remember is what we call an "emergency kit" -- this is a list, or a physical box of stuff, that you put together when you are feeling well and calm, that contains things that cheer you up/calm you down/whatever you need when you are in crisis and it's hard to remember or seek out help.

People in my group have talked about what's in our kits, and there's a big variety: photos, souvenirs from vacations, reminders to call a certain friend, reminders to take meds, a favorite book or movie, something that smells good, music, kind letters from friends, a quilt, etc. One of mine is a checkbook that's completely balanced. :P

I am also working on what I think of as emergency instructions, which is a flowchart starting with the different unhelpful mental/emotional situations I get into, with arrows pointing to different DBT skills that can help. This is useful for me because I have learned and practiced a lot of different skills for coping with things, but it's often hard for me to access them when I actually need them the most.
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