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Hello! I just found this community. My specific anxiety disorder is called Selective Mutism. I wrote a piece about it for FWD. Here is the Wikipedia page.

I'm happy to answer questions and discuss selective mutism if anyone wants to.


Aug. 4th, 2011 09:04 am
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thought that i would just make a new post rather than repeat myself in the comments.

firstly - thank you all so much! your ideas were great! and sometimes just getting it out to ppl who GET it is a huge help, so thank you for listening and understanding and helping!

secondly - i went a little easier on myself, i figured that since i'm not doing weights today, i could take the dog with me for a power walk in the neighborhood. i think that having him with me - and Kane in my ear - gave me enough distraction that i wasn't AS worried about ppl seeing me when i can't see them. so i was still able to work out, but i am not near tears today - good thing!

i know that it's a problem i have to work through and the only way to do it is to DO it. but i don't have to be Wonder Woman right this min. either. i figured out a long time ago that those gold gauntlets don't do anything for me anyway. i just have to remind myself that even though change is scary, it's positive change and baby steps are ok.

thank you! you guys helped get me through a really bad day! and today i am breathing.

newbie here

Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:40 am
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Hi, i've been a lurker for a bit, but i feel the need to speak up today, so i'm introducing myself.

question for you guys: any tips for the gym?

basically i've decided to change some stuff that really needs changing in my life and one of those is weight. started at the gym today.

panic attack started first thing. i was doing pos. self talk by the time i was brushing my teeth. i did baby steps. "now i will pack my bag. now i will drink my protien shake. now i will get my keys" the whole way. was able to get myself into the car. i nearly didn't make it this morning. i was able to push through with pos. self talk... but how do i get there tomorrow?

all i want to do now is curl up and hide the rest of the day. i'm at work, but there's still that aweful low-thrum of anxiety and i feel like i could burst into tears right now.

facing one of my biggest triggers - ppl who can see me. as well as new stuff and a new schedule... i don't want to fail at my goals. i need to keep moving forward and making pos. changes... i know that... i KNOW it... but how do i keep going back when all i can feel is the panic?


Jul. 21st, 2011 06:59 pm
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Hi, I'm new here!

I officially have (as in, diagnosed with) Depression & Social Anxiety Disorder. Unofficially the anxiety is MUCH more like Generalized Anxiety than just Social. The Cymbalta I'm on for my depression takes the edge off of the anxiety, but it doesn't make it go away completely. When I brought that up, my pdoc suggested I find a good anxiety workbook or look into seeing a therapist. Though he was willing to up my dosage a little, I wanted to try the non-additional-medication route first.

Note to my anxiety over my upcoming vacation: Panicking about wardrobe/luggage/etc, and then reseraching the shit out of said anxious topic of the moment is NOT conducive to a happy productive day at work. Especially when the boss walks by and sees you shopping for travel skirts because you're anxious about having to wear constrictive uncomfortable jeans while sitting & walking around an airport all day.

Note to self: You do not need any more luggage organizers, travel clothes, summertime clothes, or any other do-dad for the trip next month. They sell anything you might need in the city you'll be visiting. Buying more pushes unreasonable quantities, and will NOT make the trip go any better.

If anyone has some great advice for how they deal with their anxiety, I'd love to hear it. My current strategies are to: Distract it away (good book, happy tv show/movie, etc), research the shit out of it and overwhelm it away with logic, and lastly to just accept that it's there & will stay there it and wait for the Evil Anxiety Hamsters to latch on to something else.
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I've suffered from social anxiety in varying degrees since I was a child. I never knew my behavior had a name until I saw this documentary and had an "OMG, that's me!" moment.

Sharing here in case others find it helpful:

Video under the cut )
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I'm currently having some snowballing of anxiety and health issues creating a nasty downward spiral that is in and of itself anxiety producing. If these topics aren't triggering for you, feel free to keep reading.

Possible triggers: unexplained health issues, discussions of panic attacks, ranting )


Anyone have any tips of coping mechanisms to try when you can't do much of anything due to health issues and are totally freaking out? Know of any good meditation resources or other kinds of relaxation techniques?

If you've read this far - thank you!


Jun. 10th, 2011 09:29 am
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Okay, so I have a dilemma...

There is a casting call in Pittsburgh for my absolute favorite movies ever (Batman: The Dark Knight Rises). I'm a HUGE Batman fan and this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be an extra.

However, I'd have to drive through downtown Pittsburgh AND be by myself in a large crowd in an unfamiliar setting. I just don't think I can do it. Plus, I do have things to do this weekend and I have a job.

I need help. (And yes, I have a GPS, but Pittsburgh drivers are nuts!)
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moving today. i'm completely not ready. none of the boxes (even the ones i packed before today) are labeled. new space significantly smaller. so many boxes are going to be full of random crap.

oh, and to make matters worse i'm getting sick. serious brainfog going on. between the head full of snot and the panic attack i'm determinately not having i think i'm going to puke.

does anyone have a paper bag i can breathe into?
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Here's an interesting article on depression from the BBC. Since depression and anxiety go hand in hand, it's an interesting look at how any seasonal change can affect people. Very brief, and doesn't offer a lot of insight in dealing, but at least the issue is getting serious coverage in the press and academic realms.
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I noticed something weird: my moods are deeply affected by the weather, but not the usual way. In the last few days my anxiety has been out of control, nearly impossible to live with, and the sun was shining. Today, however, I'm feeling awesome, even if I was caught in the middle of a storm and came home dripping wet.
I don't really understand how it works, to be honest. I have always preferred winter to any other season and I suffer from allergies that make spring a real pain, but I don't think those are the real reasons behind this thing.
Maybe it's the fact that, around three years ago, May/June have been the worst months ever, and now that I am trying to work on that, I'm getting triggered by, well, the fact that now it is May? IDK, my mind isn't very clear at the moment...

Anyone had a similar experience?
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Despite being an atheist and a firm one at that, completely disbelieving anything having to do with religion and prophecies, I was still kind of scared about this Rapture thing. Knowing 100% completely that it was a bunch of crap. Without any doubt in my mind at all. There's no part of me that's agnostic, I know there's no god1. So of course there was absolutely no part of me even believed a tiny, tiny little bit that there was going to be any rapture.

And yet, because OCD and GAD love to team up and be superstitious, I was still caught up in finding myself nervous about today coming. Even though I was completely sure nothing would happen. It was like 0.0001% of my brain was HOOKED on the fact that EVEN THOUGH ALL OF THIS IS COMPLETE BUNK, WE STILL NEED TO WORRY!

I had to confess that somewhere and was so completely humiliated by it this is the only place I could think to put it. Seriously, WTF, brain? I don't believe in any of this, so why were you focusing any energy at all on it? I knew nothing was going to happen. Having nothing happen induces no feeling of relief, because it's not like I was actually rationally concerned. What is with this desire to focus on any possibility of impending doom and worry about it, no matter how stupid it is?

1 I am not saying anyone has to agree with me here! Everyone who interacts with me is welcome in their religion, I'm just utterly comfortable in my conviction that how I was raised is right and there is no god – it's a fact to me, not a theory, and I suppose that in and of itself is a belief but – whatever. I get told off a lot for saying I know there's no god the same way I say I know I have two hands, instead of saying that I believe there is no god. My point is: me saying I know there is no god is not an attack on religious people – don't people with religion, similarly, know that there is a god? It's ridiculous how much I have to say in a footnote in order to not seem like I'm going to get called out. Calling-out culture is anxiety inducing too! Yeah. Shutting up.
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When you're anxious, do you have any bad or nervous habits? If so, what are they?
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Ever feel like your anxiety has become something like muscle memory? I was thinking about it today when without any particular trigger, I got hit with a strong wave. It's almost like even when I'm doing better, when I've worked out the triggers and are removing myself from situations when I can or working through them when I can't, when it really is okay to be me- it's like I just don't know how to go through a few hours, a day, a week without losing it a bit.

Does that make sense?

Anyone else ever get that thought?
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My day today was enhanced by a multi-hour anxiety attack which happened to coincide with a bout of pollen-induced spluttering and wheezing.

When I got back to my computer, on a whim I Googled pollen anxiety.

And much to my surprise, this popped up:

Changes in Severity of Allergy and Anxiety Symptoms Are Positively Correlated in Patients with Recurrent Mood Disorders Who Are Exposed to Seasonal Peaks of Aeroallergens

In other words, if you have depression or bipolar as well as anxiety (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one here who falls into this category), then tree-pollen may be associated with spikes in your anxiety levels.

Anyway, I have no idea if this explains today's anxiety attack, but I thought I'd share the info in case it's of interest.
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cut for discussion of physical illness, please don't read if that will upset you )

Short version: Any advice for dealing with an obsessive fear of something that's real and possible and you can't do anything to mitigate? None of my coping mechanisms really cover it.



Apr. 28th, 2011 07:01 pm
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Welcome to Anxiety Support. Here you can discuss anxiety in all its different forms. As someone who has dealt with anxiety all my life, I understand how difficult it can be. Please feel free to watch or introduce yourself. There will be no pressure on your either way. :)

I'll post excerpts from various sources to help keep the community active.