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Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:40 am
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Hi, i've been a lurker for a bit, but i feel the need to speak up today, so i'm introducing myself.

question for you guys: any tips for the gym?

basically i've decided to change some stuff that really needs changing in my life and one of those is weight. started at the gym today.

panic attack started first thing. i was doing pos. self talk by the time i was brushing my teeth. i did baby steps. "now i will pack my bag. now i will drink my protien shake. now i will get my keys" the whole way. was able to get myself into the car. i nearly didn't make it this morning. i was able to push through with pos. self talk... but how do i get there tomorrow?

all i want to do now is curl up and hide the rest of the day. i'm at work, but there's still that aweful low-thrum of anxiety and i feel like i could burst into tears right now.

facing one of my biggest triggers - ppl who can see me. as well as new stuff and a new schedule... i don't want to fail at my goals. i need to keep moving forward and making pos. changes... i know that... i KNOW it... but how do i keep going back when all i can feel is the panic?
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cut for discussion of physical illness, please don't read if that will upset you )

Short version: Any advice for dealing with an obsessive fear of something that's real and possible and you can't do anything to mitigate? None of my coping mechanisms really cover it.



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