Jul. 21st, 2011 06:59 pm
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Hi, I'm new here!

I officially have (as in, diagnosed with) Depression & Social Anxiety Disorder. Unofficially the anxiety is MUCH more like Generalized Anxiety than just Social. The Cymbalta I'm on for my depression takes the edge off of the anxiety, but it doesn't make it go away completely. When I brought that up, my pdoc suggested I find a good anxiety workbook or look into seeing a therapist. Though he was willing to up my dosage a little, I wanted to try the non-additional-medication route first.

Note to my anxiety over my upcoming vacation: Panicking about wardrobe/luggage/etc, and then reseraching the shit out of said anxious topic of the moment is NOT conducive to a happy productive day at work. Especially when the boss walks by and sees you shopping for travel skirts because you're anxious about having to wear constrictive uncomfortable jeans while sitting & walking around an airport all day.

Note to self: You do not need any more luggage organizers, travel clothes, summertime clothes, or any other do-dad for the trip next month. They sell anything you might need in the city you'll be visiting. Buying more pushes unreasonable quantities, and will NOT make the trip go any better.

If anyone has some great advice for how they deal with their anxiety, I'd love to hear it. My current strategies are to: Distract it away (good book, happy tv show/movie, etc), research the shit out of it and overwhelm it away with logic, and lastly to just accept that it's there & will stay there it and wait for the Evil Anxiety Hamsters to latch on to something else.
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